About Pinoplast

The Industrial field embraced AlMohandes For Metal Operation Co. as one of the industrial symbols since it was established in 1963. Metal industry has been developed by the Egyptian Engineer Mustafa Abbas Sharawy and it was not achieved easily, he exerted a lot of effort, sweat and struggle, but with patience and perseverance he was able to overcome a lot of internal and external challenges, until a constellation of engineers, professionals and experts gathered around him and this great firm was built on their shoulders and they became a model of the Egyptian worker all of us are always proud of.

He was able to develop all sorts of Metal industry until the company was able to stand out in the local market and could export to the international markets.

The company made an investment expansion by establishing AlMohandes for Manufacturing of Pipes and Fittings Pinoplast Co., which was built on the trust customers gave to the establishing company over 50 years of serving Arab and international markets.


We, AlMohandes for Manufacturing of Pipes and Fittings Co. which represent the industrial investment for AlMohandes For Metal Operation Co. Egyptian Company, have acquired accumulative experience through fifty years of achievements, investments and growth in order to provide products, services and scientific solutions in the field of transferring safe, clean and pure fresh water to the consumer.

The company decided to adopt the Italian technology that distinguishes itself from a lot of similar worldwide technologies with its progress and consideration of the environment standards to maintain consumer’s health.

The usage of PINO technology in transferring water secures for the final consumer unseen and invisible costs cut which might result from loss and waste in water networks, which we guarantee for 50 years against manufacturing defects.