Why to choose Pinoplast

Why to choose our company?

Why to choose our products?

  • We are a national Egyptian company,that has been working in the Egyptian market since 1963 and committed towards the community to achieve affordable development through providing job vacancies in the company and its branches.
  • Designing the product with Italian expertise secures, that water will not pass over any metal parts, and consequently avoid the transferred water of getting rusty due to contacting and interacting with it over time.
  • The company works through a scientific integrated system,that takes into consideration the best quality and safety standards in all its various products.
  • Endurance of binding strength during installation, and for the brass parts not to be disconnected from the plastic parts that assures no leaking or defecting connections by using Italian design for the brass parts executed with high proficiency and by professional Egyptian hands in our main factories.
  • We are considered the only Egyptian company that provides integrated services and solutions (brass parts, fittings, pipes) which save the customers cost of matching parts with pipes. Consequently we guarantee the whole water transferring network.
  • Safe water transporting system, whereas it does not allow bacterial growth, fungus or algae due to not allowing penetration of ultraviolet rays.
  • We have a professional team,to offer the customers services of technical and engineering support during installation and test.
  • Average of pressure holding is from 10 bar to 25 bar, therefore we offer large variety that adjust with choices and demands of our customers.
  • We guarantee all Pinoplast Products for 50 years,against manufacturing defects.
  • Longer estimated useful life: estimated useful life time reaches 50 years.
  • We offer free delivery on site service.
  • High exploding resistance power.