PPR-C Products

PPR-C Pipes

Many types of pipes like: Pinoplast Standard Pipes, Pinoplast Multilayer Pipes, Pinoplast Reinforced Pipes, Pinoplast Compressed Air Systems Pipes, Pinoplast UV Stabilized Pipes, Pinoplast Multilayer & UV Stabilized Pipes , Pinoplast Firefighting.....

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PPR-C Fittings

Many PPR-C fittings such as Welding parts (Coupling, Reducer coupling, Tee, Reducer tee, Elbow 45, Elbow 90, Over cross with 2 sockets, more ....) , and parts with Brass inserts (Coupling with male inserts, Coupling with female inserts, Elbow with.....

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PPR–C Valves

Many types of PPR-C Valves Like Tee part of valve, Chrome plated stop valve: Material of components (Cap: Zamak,Tube: Zamak, Handle: Zamak, heart: Brass), Pino stop valve :Material of components (Cap: Brass,Tube: Brass, Handle: Zamak...

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