Predelivery Testing of an Installation

Pipe installation must be passed through quality test after completion of assembly; Pinoplast’s customer service team provides this test upon receiving a call or request from our customers and the test is performed according to the following procedures:

  • All valves in the installation are closed.
  • Primarily the main valve is a little opened when filling the installation; pipe lines are carefully vacuumed at the highest and farthest usage point in order to avoid strong pressure impacts.
  • Valves of each section are opened and tested separately.

There are 2 steps to perform the pressure test as follows:


  • Entire piping installation in the building is subjected to impermeability test for a period of 30 minutes at a pressure of 1.5 times the highest planned pressure.
  • Pressure drops and leakages are observed between 10th. And 20th. Minutes.
  • Pressure is increased again.
  • Within the period of 30 minutes, no pressure drops higher than 0.6 bar and no leakage at any point should occur.


A pressure of 1.5 times the highest planned pressure is applied for a period of 2 hours; no pressure drops higher than 0.62 bar and no leakage at any point should occur.

  • If pressure at the manometer on which the test is monitored drops more than the values given above, it means a leakage exists. So leaking pipe line should be replaced or retightened.
  • Entire installation should be washed out before beginning to use.
  • Lines which will not be used should be closed and discharged against freezing.